Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Breatharian?

Why would I want to be a breatharian? Why would anybody want to be a breatharian and, you know, this is way beyond eating or not eating. It’s, it’s a way to gain nourishment, energy, enlightenment even and healing from a different source than what we’re accustomed to.

So breatharian is made up of two words, breath being the first one, and air being the second. And so essentially we’re using the intelligence of the air, and air is information. source we’re using that we’re tapping into that it’s the intelligence of universes…of galaxies of every plant, every tree, every animal, every person, and we’re able to tap into the unlimited possibilities this way, by using the air. So like I said, it’s beyond eating or not eating. It’s, it’s about using the breath to connect with the air to gain nourishment. Not just physically but energetically and in the mind, on the, on a soul level on a heart level to, you know, to heal emotions. 

I find that if there’s something that I’m trying to hold on to just out of stubbornness, you know, anger, something when I start working with these chronic exercises, it just moves out really quickly. And so,

we’re gaining nourishment, we’re gaining knowledge, it’s an intelligent source, and we’re gaining pure love of life. It feels like this. Tapping into self love, the big self, the big universal source of love. And it just washes over you as your Doing it just fills you up with love. And so another thing that

I notice is that the hunger will dissipate as I’m doing this because every part of my being associated with this energy, so when we’re fulfilled when we have the nourishment we need that we’re not craving. nourishment from other places. Oftentimes when we crave foods that are unhealthy for us, we’re actually needing water or we’re needing a certain vitamin or a certain our body is needing something in particular, but it’ll get twisted. And so our mind will tell us that we want and need sugar, and maybe what we need is magnesium or iron, you know that that’s just an example. 

A lot of the time when we’re craving carbs and sugar, we’re really just dehydrated or needing water. But the thing is with this pure loving energy and source energy and TCE, it’s feeding us at the deepest level. So that we’re not really needing anything else.

So you can enjoy food. Food is a gift. Food is enjoyable and another way to gain nourishment. We can still choose to enjoy ourselves with food.  Again, it is not about starving ourselves or cutting out food, unless this happens naturally. It is about adding in a source for nourishment. This nourishment is not just for the physical, but for all levels, balancing mind, body, emotions and soul.  

This intelligence source of prana and is just a way to bring in more of that Source Energy. You can feel more alive and more energy in the body, a clear mind.

We’re essentially becoming this hybrid being or remembering that we are this hybrid being that runs on prana hybrid being able to run a source of energy through and tap into, and so you also have this primal sustainment of your life because you’re tapping into prana life Source Energy itself. So it’s a very simple  introduction to prana. And I’m just going to go into one exercise that you can start with. And there are several that do different things.

Different things give you  different aspects of the prana. And so, the first way that we’re going to start is just to start breathing slowly through the nose, in through the nose, out through the nose. And as you do this, you’re going to imagine or picture an infinity symbol inside of you so you can, you can inhale this way, and exhale. The other way. You can inhale and exhale or you can do it this way in here. Exhale, inhale, exhale. So it’s that infinite infinity symbol. And so you can picture it however way it feels natural to you. So you’re just going to breathe…

And you’ll keep doing this. Just keep breathing…

Just keeping imagining that flow… that infinity symbol into your body. It’s inside your body. can allow it to change if it wants to change and just become aware of this energy.

This current of intelligence moving through you and then our going to change it by breathing a little faster and through our nose…exhaling normally

Just continue to breathe this way and continue to notice how your energy in your body may be changing how you’re breathing, maybe becoming bigger, deeper or relaxed.

You may notice the tingling in your body and that’s the energy that’s the source. Chronic energy waste. up within you. So just keep breathing.

And now just take a few more breaths, slowing it down.

And then when you’re ready on your exhale, just stop breathing… remain in the breathless state…and notice how your body feels.

Notice the different sensations maybe I’ll notice more energy They’re within your body, like you want to get up and move around.

Maybe you’ll notice peace or contentment, or just a subtle feeling of the energy current, being freer to flow through you.And so when you’re ready, breathe in, like you’re breathing for the first time, and notice what that feels like. And so this is just a sample of prana and working with prana. And using the breath to shift your energy to work with it to gain insight. And to find that nourishment.

You might even notice your body feels like it’s going into a healing state. And that’s perfectly natural, really, because this energy is intelligence. We’re just tapping into it. And we are allowing it, to teach us and to sustain us and to feed us. It can be so simple. And in fact, forcing it in any way doesn’t work. 

So you just tap into it and allow it to inform you, and clear your energy system on all levels. This is something you would normally have to clear with a professional in an energy healing session. The beauty is that so much can be cleared by just practicing this every day.  And it only takes a few minutes to do. 

Going through the transition process is incredibly profound and life changing, life altering and it’s a way that you can really learn how to source from this beautiful pranic intelligence and it’s a higher knowledge. 

It feels like an ancient technology that can inform you in so many positive ways that will literally blow your mind. It is life-affirming and with all of the negative programming we have in life, this is truly priceless.

For me, it changed everything and it continues to just enrich my life. The more you practice this, the deeper it becomes. I work with the exercises and the prana and once you’ve tapped into it, you’re always tapped into it. Then it’s just about revisiting it and it is something that continues to feed you and work with you. It’s such a beautiful teacher to work with. It’s really just coming back to yourself. 

For so many years, people would tell me I just needed to love myself. I remembered thinking,” I don’t know how to do that.” I started out thinking I already loved myself. 

But the more conscious I became, the more I realized that I really had no idea what self love looked like. 

This, by far, has been the simplest way to immediately tap into that self love. And going through the transition process took me on a journey and taught me a new skill for loving and it is something that goes to all levels.

Being an energy healer, I was already familiar with the different levels and how in the healing session, so much could be removed and so much could be brought up to heal. This process of working with these exercises and going through the transition process is just a very fast way of tapping into that and becoming your own healer. 

We all innately know how to heal and what we need for healing. And we all need different things. And so this is a way of, of self healing just by working with this energy. I hope this has been helpful. If you suffer from food addiction check out Food Addiction Healing.

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