Is Breatharianism as Powerful as Ayahuasca?

Is Breatharianism as Powerful as Ayahuasca

Is Breatharian as powerful as Ayahuasca? Within the first 4 days of my breatharian initiation, I was feeling very similar to how I did after powerful Aya ceremonies without the sheer physical exhaustion. 

Aya is a powerful teacher and leaves you feeling broken down but with a greater capacity to love and be loved. This is how I felt during the initiation. There were also cosmic downloads beyond explanation which was also common during Ayahuasca ceremonies

The main differences for me between the 2 were a lack of physical purging (vomiting/diahhrea) and the dark/heavy energy moved out very quickly without traumatic scenes involved. 

Although the 2 are similarly powerful, I would have to say there is a place for both and I wouldn’t pick one over the other. Aya ceremonies can bring perspective and empathy into memories which alters consciousness beyond return. It enables deep purging of guilt, unforgiveness and self hatred to make room for the body to hold more light. 

Breatharianism initiates and reprograms the body, mind and soul to be able to not only hold more light but to channel it for sustenance. It can gain knowledge, nourishment, and cellular information to create a whole new body rather than just manage an ongoing aging process.

It defies what we have been taught about aging and formulation of disease. It is an initiation into your superhuman state, and a fast track to enlightenment. 

So, when you felt like YOU WERE a SUPERHERO, you were just tapping into Truth. Pretty awesome right? Can you suspend old belief long enough to see what is?

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