My Dry Fasting to Breatharianism Day 4 Results

Hi Everyone.

I am on my first day of transition, and it’s mind blowing, mind opening, expansive, beautiful.

I’ve been doing Dry Fast and I’ve dried out so before the try fasting the breatharian way it was so much easier and better. So basically doing prana exercises to feed my body and my energy system and the mind and my emotional body on the light and it really is satiating. I just I don’t have a lot of hunger.

I feel in alignment. I just feel a level of fulfillment that I’ve never had before. Fasting. And so just the combination of these is amazing and I honestly feel like I’m being fed and activated and united with God and it’s a very intimate process a great internet connection that is happening.

I’ve had feelings of my third eye opening and sacred geometry visuals, informing me this energy that is being cultivated is informing me with knowledge.. new knowledge. And it feels like tuning into a universal energy and getting downloads…the latest updates, and it’s just so expansive.

At one point, it was a little bit scary because there was all this new information coming in…so much that there was a part of me that wanted to just kind of flow. ”let’s slow down here!” 

By just allowing it to happen and change reality from the inside out,  it was absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen colors, I’ve felt vibrations and my body, informing the cells and the whole being.  It just really feels like a complete purification process. And more light coming in more unconditional love.

There is a natural detox process that takes place. I felt old toxic emotions releasing very quickly.  I spent one day just crying and releasing and purging emotionally. I’ve had shadow aspects come up, to be looked at… to be accepted. And it’s not easy when this happens. It’s not easy to see things that we’ve been ashamed of, but at the end of the day, through connecting with this energy that is Universal Love… God, I could see that these parts coming back were necessary. 

I could see experientially, on a very deep level, that these parts coming back, each had a power. The controlling aspects inside me came up and those had this power of bringing me into a place of Self and a place of accepting what seems out of control. There is power in that wounded part that has felt oppressed, controlled and manipulated. It is through surrendering into this, that I could feel the gift.  

The part that felt like it was being left alone and it was afraid to be lonely. That had this gift of really uniting with something bigger than what I’ve reached out for in the physical. So it really tapped me into a power of embracing that part that is afraid to feel lonely. And then in realizing that there is never true loneliness, you’re connected. And it’s like coming back to SELF even more. It’s been an amazing process and the detox and even, you know, like the few hundred pains that came up to thirst. It feels like there’s something so much bigger that is happening here that those things don’t trip you up. 

I also want to talk a little about how dry fasting alone is very difficult. But it’s so essential, and I’m just going to talk a little about this.Basically, our cells have water. For hydration they absorb water, and then there’s no way to clean that water out. So we have little swamp in each cell. 

Think about a swamp versus running river water, what does it attract? What does it collect? First thing you think is mosquitoes, bacteria, like just, you know, nasty stuff. And so our cells are doing exactly that. It’s little swamps, attracting bacteria, attracting parasites and just sludge. No other fasting, besides dry fasting, can clean this water. And two things happen in dry fasting.

When we dry fast, we are taking away water and food from the body. At first it’s waiting because it thinks it’s going to get food and then when it realizes it isn’t, it starts going to water sources in the body. Because in dry fasting, you’re starving your cells and you’re starving bacteria, you’re starving the parasites. 

Your body will start to go to water sources inside the cells, and it’ll start going to the water in the cells, for survival energy, which releases this dirty water. And then it will eventually start producing its own water, its own live water, which is way more beneficial than the water that we bring in externally. 

Because the water we bring in externally sometimes has negative information in it, it can inform our whole being and cause high levels of toxicity.  However, when that old water is released, and the cells start producing some water themselves, it is pure and it doesn’t have any of that negative programming or information in it. 

So it’s just fresh, brand new, alive water that can actually go and feed our body for good. So getting rid of that old water, the only way that it can be cleaned out, as far as fasting, is through dry fasting. And it just has so many benefits and can literally change you and you can grow backwards at the cellular level. on many levels. It has the capacity or capability to clean your blood and the lymph completely. Then, it can clean the bacteria out of their intestines. 

Did you know when the bears are hibernating, their intestinal bacteria gets cleaned up completely? They’re basically going to dry fast and hibernation rescue mode and steady state found that this happens during dry fasting in non hibernating animals and people and in hibernating animals. So it’s really a powerful process. But, it can be difficult. 

I’ve found through this process of breatharian transitioning, it is so much easier. It really assists the body in healing gently and in connecting to something higher.. And I truly believe that this is the new paradigm for consciousness that we will get back to a simpler way of feeding ourselves with prana/light and coming into a higher consciousness that we’ve not fully tapped into before. There is so much more to talk about. It is all very exciting and I thank you for joining me in the journey.

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