Breatharian Results: Transitioning to Breatharian-What Happened After 60 Hour Dry Fast

Hi Everyone, I just finished a 60 hour dry fast, and it’s the longest one I’ve done so far. I am

transitioning to breatharianism in stages. It was a gradual process before the actual transition. I started by cutting out sugar, salt and flour. I did this for a few months. 

This was followed by changing my protein sources to lean chicken or fish with a vegetable for each meal, for a few weeks. Then, I added in fruit with the vegetables and slowly cut out the meat. I increased the fruit and veggies to 80% of what I was eating. Then, I added vegan protein shakes for 2 meals of the day and I would have one big salad at night. 

This, I did for a few months. When I felt ready to go into the transition, I did a juice fast for 4 days. You can stay on this phase longer, if your body feels like it needs more. I used a combination of fresh fruit and leafy greens. I added wheatgrass powder in, if I needed a boost of energy.

I moved into a water fast for 3 days, drinking nothing but pure spring water. I made sure to drink a minimum of ½ a gallon a day. I really tried to push it to a gallon, but discovered it was essential to do the sprinkler affect method. 

This method consists of drinking 16 ounces of water every 30 minutes, until your water is gone. It is harder than it seems, but so effective at getting super hydrated. At the end of 3 days, I make sure to drink baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar in water the night before I plan to go into dry fasting, which is the next phase. 

I mix 1-2 tablespoons of ACV with ¼-1 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of cold water. Be sure to put baking soda in first, then ACV and have water ready. It will foam so you don’t want to have the cup full of water first. I’ve learned this the hard way. This cocktail will alkalize you and helps to prevent kidney or gallstones, during the dry fast. 

Then, I do a dry fast, while doing pranic exercises. I started with 24 hours and added 12 hours each round. This round I did 60 hours. 

I’m listening to my body and during the pranic exercises, this time was more about healing physically, I could feel my kidneys really flushing out more than any other time. And my liver, and even my blood, I could actually feel toxins moving through my blood. 

I’m being diligent about doing the pranic exercises to train my body to learn to feed on prana instead of food. I can feel it happening gently and naturally. It really does feed and fulfill me. When I start getting hungry, I’ll just do more pranic exercises and I’m just listening to my body and guidance. 

I need to rehydrate right now for a few days and then I’ll do it again. And if I’m hungry, I’ll eat, I’m eating a lot lighter and feel more satiated from the prana. But I can definitely feel that I’m still in that healing phase right now and probably will be for the week or so. Right now,  it’s good to focus on balance for me. I feel really good about it. 

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